Nicehash Wallet stopped updating transactions

Wallet/API have been working perfectly for about 6 months. No update since August 16th. When I refresh it, I get an updated and correct balance amount - but the transactions (daily mining deposits) do not come in.

I haven’t changed anything yet, so I’m not sure if something broke that will require me to set up another API and reconnect, or if there’s a known issue with the Nicehash connections.

For me, Nicehash has been working well up to September 11th. Since then, no transactions, just a balance. I’ve tried removing the Nicehash account from CoinTracker, regenerating API keys and re-adding the account, but still no dice. I can still get balance, but no transactions.

I have the same issue starting September 11th

Hey @TheFlyingFool @Berta123 ,

Thank you for flagging this :+1:

I’ve created a Canny ticket for the issue - can anyone impacted by this issue upvote the ticket? This will keep you updated of the progress we make resolving the problem.

I’m going to flag this to our engineers to check if something needs fixing on our side.

I refreshed all my wallets today and all of my missing mining payments came flowing in. Seems your attention got it fixed, or the timing is just crazy coincidental.

I’m getting Nicehash transactions as well. Thanks, @henry!

Glad to hear it’s working again :+1:

We took a look on our side and noticed some API keys were invalidated. However, this seemed to resolve itself before we needed to take any more action so it could have been something on Nicehash’s side.

We’ve added the functionality for an error message to show when an API key is invalid to help surface the issue faster in future.

I am experiencing this same issue now as well.

Any update on when it will fix for everyone or is this case by case.