No purchase history - Help!


I am receiving the following " No purchase history for LTC in Binance LTC Wallet. [Review purchase history]" error. I have linked my Coinbase & Binance accounts, I don’t have any other exchanges or wallets to link. How do I fix this error?

These transactions should be the corresponding matches:
Jan 1, 2018 21:23:44 UTC

Jan 1, 2018 21:42:38 UTC

Hi @ascryptotax,

Just to confirm 100% of your exchanges and off-exchange wallets are added to CoinTracker (including all coins in all years), Coinbase Pro (if applicable), and nothing on this list applies to your account?

Hello Chandan,

Correct everything is added. My guess is the 1st and 3rd sections in screenshot aren’t matching due to the mismatch with LTC (3.15 & 3.1594252), although the value is pretty much equal.

I had removed the exchange and re-added several times. I think its an issue on Binance side, as my son has the same issue with one of his transactions.


Hi @ascryptotax,

So basically the Binance LTC deposit transaction is entirely missing from CoinTracker? Or it is syncing but not matching up with this one?

Hello Chandan,

To me it seems it is not syncing correctly (weird that my son and I are both having this issue for out initial transfer to Binance and the future ones are fine). I don’t have the transaction history from Binance as they only seem to keep it for 3 months and then disappears. Everything was pulled via linking Binance to CoinTracker.

From the initial transfer from Cointbase LTC wallet to Binance LTC wallet and conversion to Binance BTC wallet was only 19 minutes later.

@ascryptotax, do you mind messaging with permission to take a look at your CoinTracker account?

I’m seeing similar issues. it appears the Binance deposits are not being added by the API.

Hi @shred,

Per discussion on a parallel thread seems like the same issue.

@shred, @ascryptotax

Looks like Binance changed their API to restrict to only 90 days of deposit/withdrawal history at a time. We’ve updated our system to gracefully handle this so you should see full deposit/withdrawal history working seamlessly as soon your Binance wallet syncs next (or you can force a sync by pressing the “sync wallets” button on the wallets page).