No purchase history warning for margin trades

I’m getting a warning for no purchase history on coins that I’ve made margin trades on in Bitfinex. There is no purchase history, because I didn’t own any of the coin when shorting it. This causes the cost basis to be skewed.

No purchase history for LTC in Bitfinex LTC Wallet.

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We are working on adding margin support for Bitfinex. We’ll let you know as soon as this is available.

Ah, I thought it was supported! It’s there a recommended workaround to clean this up?

We do already have margin support for most exchanges, just not Bitfinex yet. We’ll work on adding this and let you know as soon as it is supported that it will just work for you out of the box.

Has this been implemented yet? Would really like to have my 2020 Bitfinex transactions recorded properly.