No response from support

I submitted a help request two weeks ago and last week about data errors with api imports and haven’t gotten a response. I checked my spam and trash. There was no automated confirmation email either. How do I contact support and find out if the message went through and when will I get a response? Is the developer still active?

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Same - I sent two emails had no responses.

Thanks for your patience @Michael and @Ninjawarrior. We are working with unprecedented support volume but please rest assured that we received your request and we’ll get back to you via email!


Same — two email no response in over a week. The website defaulted to purchasing the tax package for 2019 (why would that be the default?). I need 2020, and they aren’t responding to switching it for me.

Have they gotten back to you yet? Looks like Chandan is the ONLY person that works for cointracker.

Wish I would have checked these community pages before buying. It looks like a lot of other people haven’t received support.

Hey yes they did respond to my query.

Thank you all for your incredible patience as we scale up to deal with unprecedented support. We are answering tickets around the clock, hiring more support staff, and we will get back to all of you on every single request you have outstanding.