No serious MetaMask support?

So when going to import BSC MetaMask I get an option to choose one coin. Seriously? So you guys even know the first thing about crypto? None of these crypto tax apps have their heads out of their butt. Not one. Quirks and glitches at every turn! How would you not understand that someone needs all their TXs for BSC and maybe Polygon, Ethereum, RSK, xDAI, FTM, Avalanche or whatever now fairly mainstream coins are regularly traded? Why does every crypto app build this stuff so lazily and intentionally overcomplicate things for people? And BTW - you might consider making tutorial videos where you can actually hear the person and the keyboard pounding isn’t blowing out your ears.

MetaMask is just an overlay to the blockchain. If you are using MM, I would expect that you would use the public address option to track each asset you use MetaMask to view. One approach. I’m sure there are many.