Normal mining payments not recording cost basis correctly when sold

I recently had sold all of my crypto investments and I’m only making BTC from mining. So essentially I have a constant zero balance, I acquire some BTC in coinbase (from nicehash), sell it immediately.

I’m finding that the cost basis is coming up funky. I recently went through and redid everything in my portfolio, thinking something was wrong. It did not seem to fix it and I’m still getting issues on what seems to be a very simple transaction.

NH mining payment in BTC → Transfer to Coinbase (no fees) → Transfer to Coinbase Pro → Sell BTC for USD → Transfer payment to my banking account.

Here’s my latest payment. The cost basis is obviously $83.08 when I acquire it (per cointracker), but then I sell it and it shows the cost basis as $98.26. A loss in this instance, but in most it’s showing a large gain. It doesn’t make any sense at all, especially when I’ve had a zero balance.

Any idea what’s going on? I think I’m done with cointracker this year if I’m not able to utilize it properly. I’ve paid for 3 years and still running into trouble. Great tool, just weird stuff going on.