Not able to add MetaMask wallet

I’ve tried adding my MetaMask wallet address and get this error.

“Failed to add account. Please check the values below.”

Does the address have any transactions?

Yes it does have transactions.

Got it, could you please send us the link to a blockexplorer for that address?

I just checked and there are no transactions but that is strange because in my accounting program I have 6 transactions.

Nov 18 an ETH transfer from Coinomi wallet
Dec 1 an ETH transfer to Coinomi
Dec 3 an ETH transfer to Coinomi
Dec 29 an ETH transfer to an exchange
Dec 29 an exchange of ETH to CEL
Dec 29 an transfer of CEL to an exchange

Here is the block explorer link for that Nov 18 transaction [redacted]

So from the etherscan it seems it’s a different wallet but where is this other MetaMask wallet? I only show one account in MetaMask. Everything is zero now as I’m not using it currently but I see the tokens like CEL still there with a zero balance.

To protect your privacy, we have removed the wallet address from the public forum. If you are able to get the address that has transactions and is failing to add to CoinTracker privately, we are happy to assist directly here.

I don’t know why I have this empty wallet but I checked my phone and found the correct wallet with the transactions listed so then on my desktop I locked this wallet and then used my seed phrase to restore the original wallet and am adding it to cointracker now. I think it will work.

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