OKCoin Importing CSV

Was having some issues with importing the CSV from OKCoin. No matter which .csv I import there seems to be an issue with processing the file.

I went through:

  1. Report Center
  2. Account History
  3. Download

Then upload the generated files to CoinTracker. This failed for both the funding and spot account.

Also tried uploading using the .csv generated from “past orders” and that failed. Thanks for the help!


Having the exact same problem, none of the CSV work


I’m having the same problem, looks like the feature is broken and needs to be updated?


Same problem. OKCoin CSV import into Cointracker does not work. I have to load manually.

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Has anyone seen any way to fix this issue?

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You may want to check out the instructions on stake.tax for how to import a CSV on cointracker.io:

Then take a look at the format required for the CSV import or else it won’t work:

Here is a sample CSV file:

The CSV imports are working as of now, but you have to get the CSV import file structured correctly and possibly have to edit the transaction on contracker.io if not structured properly.

I highly recommend watching this video on how to structure your CSV file for import:

Reviewed the Sample from CT and Exported the csv from OKCoin. They couldn’t be more different. There has to be a better way!

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Yeah, none of this makes any sense, has anyone successfully done this? Also, why does cointracker keep saying it’s supported with no reference to this on the normal site? Does anyone have alternatives that support OKcoin?

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From what I can tell, cointracker does not support OkCoin’s API so you’ll need to import a CSV.

Anytime you’re required to import a CSV into cointracker you must ensure the format of the CSV matches the cointracker example.

This means you must take the CSV provided by OkCoin and then modify the columns and the data in the cells so it fits the format provided by cointracker.

Otherwise the import will not work.

See the links I provided above for that exact format of the cointracker CSV. I don’t use OkCoin and don’t have a sample CSV, so cannot provide any suggestions on how to convert the CSV to a format cointracker can properly import. Anyone want to provide a sample OkCoin CSV file?

need API integration!