Only Coinbase showing in Dashboard

I have added Coinbase, KuCoin, Bittrex, MyEtherWallet, and a couple other wallets. My portfolio/home page only is showing Coinbase tokens. This is a pretty small bit of my portfolio.

They all show under wallets including correct dollar amounts, but not on home page. Also, when I go to Crypto Prices and choose to see mine (not All) it shows most, but doen’t show my KEY being held in KuCoin. Even though in Wallets it does show correct Key amount.

My account is still doing this ‘cost basis analysis’ but I don’t think that would matter for these issues.

I know KuCoin isn’t supporting 2019 and prior in API … these were all done in 2020.

Any ideas?

This corrected when my cost basis calculation finally completed.