Other transaction CSV import

Am I missing something or is there no way to import individual transactions with a CSV file?

Hi @kwigbo,

You can import transactions manually one at a time or in bulk in our generic CSV format.

I don’t know if there is just a visibility issue here. I see the link you sent but I could not find the feature on web. I open that link on mobile and see a CSV upload. On brave browser I only see a choice to choose wallet type. This never results in the same CSV upload option.

If you simply enter CSV into the search box on the add wallets page, you should land there as well. Alternatively, you could try this link.

Ok, I found it now. What is the “interactive CSV importer“? The link is dead and seems to do nothing.

Oof, that only doesn’t work in Brave browser. Seems to work in chrome.

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Thanks for flagging this

Did the CSV upload get moved to a higher subscription tier? I don’t see the feature any longer in my menus?