PAID Network Hack and going forward with new minted coints


Recently, PAID network was hacked and so the team did an airdrop with the newly minted tokens. I recently sold my PAID and Cointracker thinks I am still holding them? I have tried ignoring the original purchase and adding the details to the new Airdrop but that didn’t work. I need help getting them off my portfolio. I don’t have them and need that fixed given that I dont want to be held accountable for something I dont have anymore.

Thank you!

Same kind of thing happening. I have the old tokens in my wallet and I also have the new ones + Ive bought some more and Cointracker only shows the old ones. I could transfer them to a random address which maybe would solve this but I dont want to waste the gas. Maybe there is a solution? @admins

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@admins We are looking for your guidance on this.

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Still waiting patiently for an answer please. Been a while now… please help. I understand you guys are busy but its been sometime now… thank you! @admins