"Partially" margin orders

Hi, I need help with how to register a transaction that is “partially” margin.

For example:
In my margin account, I bought more BTC than the USDT I had available, so I ended up buying that BTC partially with my own, partially borrowed. Specifically:

  • I bought 0.011 BTC, which at the moment equaled 108 USDT
  • In my margin account I had available 95 USDT. That means that I also borrowed 13 USDT.

Then, how do I register this transaction (especially for a correct calculation of taxes)? Do I need to mark as margin? If I don’t mark it as margin, I go negative in USDT. If I do, I can’t specify which % I borrowed so it assumes the whole 108 USDT were borrowed.

Does this mean I need to split the order in two (even if those were not actually 2 orders)? Order 1 not margin for 95 USDT, order 2 marked as margin for 13 USDT ?

Please help?
Thank you!

Yes, this would be the right approach.

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Thanks again, Chandan. Kudos for that responsiveness!

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