Patient for 7 months. When will it be my turn?

Customer since 2017. I am patient for 7 months. When will it be my turn? Here are my opened issues:

CAD vs US: not the same results!

  • Created on Thu, Apr 29, 2021 at 02:16 PM
  • This issue is HUGE. It means that the already bought tax reports (2017 to 2019) are incorrect and I sent wrong data to canadian CRA
  • Ticket: “It seems to have a problem with rates between $CAD and $US.”

Huobi balance issue

  • Created on Thu, Apr 22, 2021 at 08:48 AM
  • I notice a new bug with my Huobi wallet. Balance is not correctly calculated. The last transfer (1627$) is not calculated. Balance should be approximately 0$.

96% loss on USDT

Thank you for your support.

Hi @TP We were able to locate your support request with the information you provided on this post. We’re checking into this and will be touching base with you shortly.

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my cost basis and cost per token is displaying as $AUD but the the actual price values are displaying in $USD so basically the portfolio feature paid for is useless and is causing previous and current tax reports to be completely fubar. not a happy camper at moment.