Paying user but I can't access premium features

I’m a paying user on the Enthusiast tier. When I go to the portfolio performance page (i.e. Sign In | CoinTracker) I see the following message and I’m prevented from viewing the data:

Subscription is required
Select a higher subscription plan in order to access your investment performance by crypto.

What is going on here? I definitely have less than 30 wallets (which seems to be the cap on this plan).

I tried contacting support about this but it has been over a week and I haven’t heard back. It seems like support doesn’t respond to tickets at all, as I’ve had other tickets go unanswered too. Any ideas?

Hey there! Generally speaking when someone runs into that message after upgrading it is because you have more than 30 wallets. The best way we can help is through our Contact Us page where we’ll have access to your account data securely.

I’d double check your wallets page. One gotcha is that Exodus users, for example, end up with many empty wallets that push them over that limit which need to be removed.

I’ve logged several tickets about this via your contact page. Support simply doesn’t reply. It has been nearly two weeks now. I’m about ready to just cancel my subscription and use another service.

Hello? Any updates? It has been two weeks and still zero replies from support.

I am also having the same problem, I paid for the premium package and it says i need to upgrade to the premium package. Tried contacting customer support 3 times and no answer.