Payments, Cost Basis Speed, Support Response Time

Love this site but running into some issues that make it extremely hard to use…

  1. Updating cost basis takes hours upon hours to update. Ignored 1 random airdrop today, had to wait forever to get everything to sync. Is there any way to speed this up?

  2. Reached out to support for custom pricing and haven’t heard anything back.

  3. Tried to submit a payment 3 separate times. First time it appeared to go through but then nothing happened. Second time I get a message saying “There is a pending payment, please wait for some time or contact support” but then the message went away upon page refresh, although no options opened up. Third time same issue as the second. Really confused how payment processing through stripe is not instantaneous?? How can we need to “wait for some time or contact support” to check on a payment?

Again love the site and appreciate the beautiful UI and ease of use, but these issues are really hard to work around when the site promises “instantaneous tax reporting”. I literally can’t even hand over my money for the product.

Great points:

  1. We’ve put in significant scaling updates to make this much faster. If you are still seeing issues here, please let us know.
  2. Hopefully you’ve heard back from us by now (thanks for your patience as we scale up to deal with unprecedented support volume)
  3. This should be fixed for you by now, thanks again for your patience.