Performance Page Error w/ PolkaDot

I recently updated my wallets and now PolkaDot is appearing as $0.00 Net deposits, $0.00 Net proceeds, and $0.00 All time total returns. It has the Quantity, Price, and Market value correct. The data was updated from my Kucoin account. Please advise

Hi @Shiro,

Could you please share a screenshot to feedback [at] Also, please enable permission to take a look at your CoinTracker account).

It’s also happening for me in the case of a couple ERC20 tokens, some of them work though. It looks like the source of the prices for the affected tokens aren’t so good because their price chart looks weird as well.

Hi @Istvan,

Could you please also send us a screenshot of the issue per instructions above?

@Chandan I already sent one around the time you wrote that comment.

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