PLEASE for the love of God how do you edit cost basis?

I cant believe how unhelpful this site is. So - uniswap -

I have many tx that say “cant determine cost basis” but there is no clear direction on HOW TO DO IT! when i click edit - it has two fields buy and sell (fine) example

1 eth for 2 aav (assume the prices are equal)
under 1 eth (it has a cost basis)
under 2 aave (could not determine cost basis)
go to >> edit (aave)
and now there are TWO fields for just aave a buy and sell. So i have been putting in the fiat value in the “paid with” field but it is NOT CLEAR IF THIS IS WORKING. when i go back - there is still a “cant determine cost basis”

PLEASE give correct and easy directions on how to edit the cost basis so that I KNOW that the software has accepted my edit.

Can you please help here @Chandan Thank you


Thanks for the feedback. We’re doing a few things to make this a lot simpler:

  1. Expanding the number of pool tokens automatically supported. Currently, we support the top 100 Uniswap pool tokens covering about 2/3 of all Uniswap pool transactions.
  2. Adding the ability to edit cost basis and proceeds on multi-token transactions (coming soon)
  3. Working on a guide on how to deal with thorny multi-token DeFi transactions that don’t perfectly sync (please stay tuned)
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