Polkadot Price incorrect

The price feed from Binance in my CoinTracker Wallet is showing the “old” Polkadot price for my balance which is incorrect. Polkadot (DOT) issued a “New Polkadot” under the same symbol DOT. I own the New Polkadot not the Old. So, not sure how to reconcile that?

Hi @aroberts720,

We’re working on an update for this and we’ll let you know as soon as it is resolved

Hi Chandan. I was looking for a solution for this but your team has already fixed the DOT price from old to new! Really appreciate the speed of fixing this up for us :grin:
My dashboard is now presenting the correct price, though the chart history is showing the price of the old DOT still. I can see past it but it would be nice if this showed the correct price too. Thanks you guys are doing great, cant recommend this app enough.

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Hi @micko_84,

Thanks for the kind words. We will work on resolving the history as well and let you know once resolved.

Hi @aroberts720, @micko_84,

The DOT pricing issues should be fully resolved. If you are still seeing any issues, please let us know.