Poloniex API not importing any transaction

I have added poloniex API. currently shows my balance but no transactions

Could you please try pressing the “sync wallets” button at the top of the wallets page?

Please keep in mind that Poloniex disabled API access for US users in Q4 2019.

Question - I transferred all of my Poloniex (and Liqui.io for that matter) assets out to other synced wallets/exchanges before those two exchanges disabled access. Both of them still show positive balances in Cointracker, though. How will that impact my tax calculations for 2019? Thanks!

Hi Chandon - thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I did “sync wallets” already, and the error message said there was a problem connecting w/ the Poloniex API (as expected). My question was whether the positive $$ value listed for Poloniex (in Cointracker) will affect my tax calculations? I would expect it not to be, but since it’s showing a positive $$ value, maybe it IS being added to the tax calculations.

Should I simply delete that Exchange? Thanks.

Got it — in this case, please make sure that your transactions are correctly updated including your latest transfers from Poloniex to Liqui. That will ensure your taxes are correct.

Re: current balance — that will still be frozen in time on your last Poloniex sync, but won’t erroneous impact your taxes (taxes are calculated based on transaction history, not current balance). We will work on a separate solution for you to fix the current balance on Poloniex and let you know as soon as it is resolved.

Thanks Chandon - good to know. For clarity, both Poloniex and Liqui exchanges stopped serving U.S. customers, so those two balances are the ones that need to be resolved.

It sounds like removing them from CoinTracker (after ensuring the actual balances are zero on those exchanges) would be the simplest solution. Does that make sense?


Hi Kevin,

You still want to ensure that you have those transactions tracked to get an accurate portfolio reading and tax calculation. While we work on enabling the feature to edit the current balances of synced accounts frozen in time, you have two options: