Poloniex API not picking up USDT deposits

Hey Chandan,

There is a potential issue with the Poloniex API.

It is not picking up USDT deposits from another exchange called Coinspot.

All other trades and withdrawals are being recognised properly by Poloniex.

Cointracker threw an error (see image), so I added each of the transactions manually, which I think will resolve the issue.

Aside from adding the three deposit transactions (Coinspot USDT -> Poloniex USDT), is there anything else that needs to occur to make sure it is recorded properly?

Any ideas on why it is not picking up the transactions in the first place?

Thanks so much,


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Hi @mtbullerlabs,

Just to confirm you are seeing Poloniex USDT transfers missing if they come from Coinspot? Could you please contact us directly about this so that we can take a look at your CoinTracker account?

Yes that’s correct.

I’ll send the transctions now.


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