Poloniex not updating for four months

Hi there,

I am a UK customer of Poloniex. The API on cointracker hasn’t updated for four months, and there’s nothing I can do to make it update. Recent transfers haven’t been updating. Any ideas?


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Any update on this? and is anyone having similar problems?

I tried adding a new poloniex API but same problem. I’m a UK customer, so its nothing to do with thier issue with the US.

It would be great to receive a timeframe of when this can be fixed. I’d like to pay for premium again this year but its really hard to justify while errors like this can’t be resolved.

I am a brazilian customer and have the same problem same problem for 5 months.

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thanks Brabbit,

chandan and the cointracker team, can you take any further action?


Thanks for reporting this issue. We have added a bug report for the issue and we’ll automatically send you an update once we have one. In the meantime, if you need an immediate solution you can still add these transactions via CSV upload in our generic CSV format.

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Same bug for me. Poloniex API enabled, but CoinTracker failed to get any transaction from the Poloniex API.