Portfolio balance not updating

It appears as if my Portfolio balance has not updated since at least yesterday. Is there a bug?


Same issue since yesterday. I cant even force to refresh my wallets.

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I’m having the same issue

same here
not updating

Same issue as well. Has anyone received any updates from support?

I have not heard anything from support. @khalid-ct any chance someone from CoinTracker could take a peek at this?

Yes, I have been also having this same issue on/off for a week or two. The portfolio/dashboard balances will stay the same amount (and the asset current values as well) – I can see the asset live prices updating, but not the portfolio balances. Seems many of us are having these issues.

Cointracker support told me that the portfolio update now only happens once every 24 hours.


Hah, well that is almost completely useless. Guess I need to start shopping around for a new live portfolio tracking site.

Thanks for sharing the reason- at least we now know why its broke.

CoinmarketCap does a decent job with live updates- will be going back to them since Cointracker seems to be going downhill. Infrequent updates and incorrect prices are not good.

Hi @ryanaz17

Thanks for raising this. I appreciate your patience on this and I apologize for the poor experience.

A temporary change was made to reduce the frequency at which portfolio updates are taking place to help us manage the server load during Tax Day weekend and Tax Day. This should have only impacted the charts and total portfolio value, but tax calculations were still taking place frequently to ensure tax forms are up to date. As we begin to transition back to a more normal load, portfolio updates will begin to take place more frequently. We are checking in with our Engineering team for a status update on this and will report back with an update.

Moving forward, we are working to continue scaling our solutions so that this type of mitigative action isn’t needed in periods of high CoinTracker usage. We want our user experience to be consistent and great.

That being said, we need to do a better job of communicating these types of changes to our users proactively. We’re going to take this as a good example of where we failed to communicate effectively and learn from this. We will do our best to continue improving as a team and as a product to build a wonderful experience for our users.

Please do reach out to our team if there is anything we can do to help.

Thank you,

Khalid from CoinTracker


Thanks for the more in-depth update! I have been using CT for over a year now and generally it has been really good. I agree that if you all had either sent out an email or even a little top of the website alert notice letting us know that things were being temp throttled back, that is way more helpful than having things just looking broken/buggy with no notice of what is happening. I see you realize that here, so thanks again for letting us know.

I have just gotten used to have CT in a open tab and with how fast the crypto markets can move around, refreshing at times a bit more than maybe is warranted, but that said we have all gotten used to live updates, so just once per day is quite a difference. Hopefully you can even get it towards once per hour or something if server load or bandwidth is still a problem. Obviously, the ideal is live updates (or as close as possible at least) but I’ll hang in here now that I know what is going on.

You all kept things running well for me using your tax service this year, so cheers to prioritizing that side of things! I know I couldn’t have waded through that without the CT website, that is for sure :laughing:

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Thank you for the more detailed information!

looks like it updated once in 2-3 days now
is it free plan limitation?

No, read Khalid’s response a few posts up. He explains what is going on.

As a follow up to my previous update, we were able to confirm that portfolio updates are returned to their original state so users should see more frequent updates.

I appreciate everyone’s patience with us while we worked through this and I want to let you know that your voices are being heard. There are discussions taking place internally here to ensure that we can learn from this and improve as an organization.

Thank you all for raising your concerns and for sticking through this with us! :handshake:

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