Portfolio Reports in .pdf Format

I am new to CoinTracker as of today July 22, 2021.

My question is can CoinTracker generate a performance report of my portfolio as a .pdf file which I can then printout and take to my landlord?



If you pay for the Tax product, the platform can generate the following PDFs.

However, if you are trying to share your crypto asset balance with your rental owner. The Dashboard Share feature might work best. The Share button on the web dashboard view will give you a nice summary of your CoinTraker portfolio. You could then use your browser to save the dashboard as a PDF.

One idea that might work :arrow_heading_up:

Hello Adam,

I am just so thankful for you and your response. You know I just started using CoinTracker today. And all I can say is I am so very impressed. This software is excellent. Easy to use, has a great wealth of information in it’s learning center, and obviously awesome customer service. I am sold!

Thank you again for your great service today.


Robert Miller

P.S. Yes, at tax time I will purchase the tax product.

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Haha. I’m just a user, not an employee.


Thanks for your help anyway,…


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