Possible to switch cost basis methods without affecting previous tax years?

Hi, I am exploring the option of using a different cost basis method than I used last year. Whenever, I change the method, it recalculates my 2018 taxes. To avoid additionally complexity, I would prefer to not have to amend my taxes from last year. Further, I could imagine my goals for my 2019 taxes could differ from my goals in 2020. Is it possible to ‘lock in’ a cost basis method for a tax year and only apply the new method to the remaining/unsold tax lots?

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Hi @mgeno216, welcome to the CoinTracker forum and thanks for the question. CoinTracker doesn’t yet support different cost basis method calculations by tax year, but we appreciate this request. We will work on enabling this and let you know as soon as we make it available.

Is there any expectation that this will be completed before 2019 taxes are due in the US?

We want to be candid that we can’t guarantee that tax calculations with different methods by year will be done by April 15, 2020. We are hoping to add this feature nonetheless and we’ll let you know as soon as it is available.

Want to check in again on this feature, I am going to delay filing my return on the chance that this becomes available in time.

Hi, thanks for your patience but it is unlikely that this feature will be launched before April 15, 2020. We will personally notify you as soon as it is available.

@CoinTracker was this feature ever implemented?