Premium account – no response to support requests

I upgraded to a “Premium” tax account for the current tax year, which is supposed to have email support. I am still waiting for a response to my support request from December 16th. The only message I had was on the Jan 5th asking for a screen shot, which I sent straight back.

In the meantime I cannot get my tax information as certain currency pairs are not importing from my Bitstamp account. I have checked the Bitstamp API manually and the transactions are there but not showing in Cointracker.

Is there a problem with support at the moment?

It would appear there is something going on. I have sent multiple requests support over the last month or so and had no response. The last time I did hear back from one of my requests it was weeks late.

I think they are understaffed is my guess. It’s usually Chandan that responds who is a co founder. I assume they have their work cut out for them with all the back end stuff they need to add like support for Binance Futures and Margin which they promised by tax deadline.

It is a bummer that it’s like this at the moment. It certainly has me considering other services but I’d like to plant my flag here since I’ve done so much work already getting 4 years of transactions to sync and be accurate. I’d have to start all over to use a different service and I’m also paid up for the 2020 tax year so this will have to work for me this year.

In the past support has been rather quick at replying. I’m gonna wait it out, I have faith Cointracker will get their ish together eventually, hopefully soon.


I thought that might be the case. I’ve only ever had replies from Chandan in the past so guess he is a busy guy.

Cointracker is a great product I’ve been using it since 2018 so I’m willing to hang on for now but if they are having unforeseen problems with support capacity, they need to be upfront and give some indication of when they will be resolved. I was hoping there would be some kind of notice on here about what’s going on.


Totally fair feedback — we’re trying our best to keep up with demand and we just hired @thomas as well to lead Customer Support for CoinTracker. We will circle back to both of your requests and we are tracking an update for Binance derivatives.


On the Premium Plan too, I just re-submitted the same question via the Contact Us form since I did not hear anything for a month after my first contact.
What is the email support for Premium users?

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What is going on? I still haven’t gotten a response WEEKS later - and the app’s blocking me from the tax section I paid for. This is a joke.

It’s seems a bit of a mess, but I have faith in these guys. I’m gonna wait it out. They are hiring and taking the steps to get everything in order. All companies having growing pains. Despite all this I get a good vibe from Chandan, thats one reason why I’m sticking with Cointracker, I also like the product and don’t feel like inputting all my trasaction history into another service.

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Another week gone, no responses. Lots of tweets though.

No reponse for me yet either after 2 months.

Thank you all for your incredible patience — we’re working around the clock to get back to all of you (and we will)