Presearch token not showing up in dashboard

           I have Presearch (PRE) tokens in a MyEtherWallet wallet that do not show up in the dashboard.  The 'Recent Transactions' section shows them incoming, but nothing in the summary list.  When I looked at the individual transactions, it looked like it was having problems identifying the PRE token.  I went in and manually updated each of the transactions as a PRE token.  But they still don't show up on the main dashboard, or in the overall value of the portfolio.  There are other tokens in that same wallet that show up without any problems.  Any ideas?

                -Thank you

Sounds like this issue. You have taken the right steps to get this fixed for transactions and taxes. We’ll work on this issue to get it fixed for your portfolio tracking as well.

ahhh, ok thank you for replying. I didn’t see your PM, I was just watching the messages.

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I just re-imported my Nexo wallet and though the wallet is there with the correct amount, none of the tokens or amount is showing up in my dashboard overview. Is this also related to this issue? If so, this seems to have started happening about 2 weeks ago. Until then I had no problems with the PRE token or my NEXO wallet updates.

I sent you a pair of screenshots

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