Prices are wrong all day. Zero support. We're paying for this?

A little bit of communication takes so little effort, yet radio silence.

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Am having the same problem
Non existent customer support

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Are there any decent competitors? Got a similar issue and no replies. I figure either we can find something better or they’ll get annoyed enough at the idea to reply…!


Please post if there are decent competitors, trading is difficult enough, without having the wrong info.

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Taxbit was on bitboy’s channel. Looks like a similar service that may have much better customer service, and a personal CPA if you want to pay the price. Have yet to try them, but would be willing to hear input as I agree about the CS on this site.

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1 interaction with TaxBit via their “generic” chat recently and went pretty well. My crytpo stuff isn’t THAT complicated, but the MCO to CRO swap with is causing issues. TaxBit seems to think it should be recognized as a soft fork for tax reasons, which makes sense. That alone may get me to sign up for TaxBit and use them, but already trying Cointracker and’s free tax service. All these Login’s, etc. are a pain in the rump. Nothing’s easy…

Taxbit still has room for improvement, I’m currently testing out the trial. Their support is very responsive but things are a bit complicated to get all added up. I will say though my transactions are very complicated. I think the way Cointracker transactions work together and gives you a portfolio is nice. I like Cointracker for that reason after using for two years… Now that Ive used margin and Futures though I dont feel the transactions add up properly at all, nearly doubled my Net Deposits just from adding Binance Margin transactions. If all your transactions are spot, Cointracker works pretty well. The MCO/CRo swaps is confusing but is solvable if you edit custom csv and remove the swap transactions because those throw off the totals.

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I tried talking to them via Twitter when I posted and said the support stunk, and they replied. They were just like ‘that forum is community not staff supported’. I gave up and deleted the tweet/convo cuz I didn’t feel like trying to express the problem anymore. But turbotax is literally sending people here - you’d think they’d take notice at how frustrating this can be.

They said they were looking for help. I told them I asked the guy in email if they needed help, he said yes and asked for my background, which I replied to - but then never heard back.

But, eh, I guess it’s not like I need another job anyway xD

Try accointing. They have their issues too but at least they are actively trying to fix things that are popping up in the forums. At least they act like they care.

They can use that as an excuse if they want, but I’ve also emailed them a few times, and never got a response. They are also looking at this forum as they have admins sometimes responding with the generic response “that it’s being worked on.” No timeframes as to when they’ll be resolved. It’s pretty sad because they have a nice platform with the ability to track hardware wallets, and a portfolio tracker, but the instant something comprable comes up where customer service is the #1 priority, I’m jumping ship.