Problem entering Cardano (ADA) transactions into Cointracker

I’m having an issue when entering ADA transactions in Cointracker and hoping someone can help.

I’ve added all of my ADA wallets to Cointracker and it has pulled in all of my transactions. Here’s an example of the problem I’m seeing:

I transfer 1000 ADA from “my” wallet A to “my” wallet B.

Here’s an example of what happens:

3 SEND transactions:

  • 3800 ADA
  • 12 ADA
  • 7 ADA

2 RECEIVE transactions:

  • 1000 ADA to wallet B
  • 2819 ADA to wallet A

The issue is that in CoinTracker each of the SEND transactions shows a GAIN that I will be taxed on. This is incorrect as I’m only transferring the ADA to another wallet I own.

If I change one of the SEND transactions to a TRANSFER it no longer shows the gain, but it now incorrectly increments the amount of ADA Cointracker shows that I own.

What am I missing? How do I properly record this transaction in Cointracker?

Figured it out. Mark all as transfers.