Problem with Purchase and Tax Forms

Yesterday, I attached 2 accounts, imported them fully then, purchased the Hobbyist plan for Tax year 2020 for $89 because the options did not say I had exceeded the transaction limit. I then downloaded the available tax forms. Today, I logged in because I was considering running a report from 2019, but now, I see a Hobbyist plan for 2020 is $59. The plan says my 100 transaction limit was exceeded, which it did not say yesterday when I paid for the $89 Hobbyist plan and downloaded my original forms to file my taxes.

I don’t understand how your system miscounted my transactions and allowed me to not only purchase an inadequate plan but generated inaccurate tax forms to then turn around and demand I spend another $100 to upgrade. In addition, my tax preparer is requesting completely different forms, from the ones that were provided by your service.

I want a refund. I would ask for a discount on an upgraded plan, but, clearly, your software is lacking in accuracy, making it worth nothing but trouble with the IRS.