Purchase history from Binance

Hello. How can we get the Cointracker to import crypto purchases on binance?

I have synced the wallet, it shows what I have in my binance account but won’t show the purchase history… I tried to upload the file, but the format is completely wrong, so i am not going to spend 10 hours converting a file that isn’t simple to use at all.

How can I get purchases made by my credit/debit card to appear so that the coins in my portfolio don’t appear from the sky? Surely this should be an essential part of the platform.

I had the same issue coming from another crypto tax tracking platform. Apparently it’s an issue with the Binance API failing to report deposits via ACH, wire transfer, etc correctly. So it’s on the Binance side from what I understand, and tax reporting services like Cointracker are at the mercy of Binance fixing this issue on their end. I had to manually add my purchase history into Cointracker.

Thanks for responding, i ended up spending an hour converting a spreadsheet… It uploaded but doesn’t seem to register that the coins I bought (BTC/ETH/USDT) were used for the coins i actually exchanged the coins for… so my portfolio just doubled…

It shouldn’t be this complicated :-/

I get messages like this:
This ADA transfer results in a negative ADA balance in Binance ADA Wallet. [Review purchase history]
No purchase history for USDT in Binance USDT Wallet. [Review purchase history] etc

Surely after importing, it should realise that the eth I just bought on Binance was used for that transaction the date is even after it… but I have all the eth in my binance wallet now on my portfolio page

And secondly, that transaction above, I made a loss of Eth because of the transaction fee to my wallet… is the system taking this into account? (I.e working out how much I lost immediately, etc)