Purchased Wrong Tax Plan


I accidentally purchased the 2019 Tax Pro product, but meant to purchase the 2020 Tax Pro product.

Can this be switched for my account?


Hi @RyanS,

Happy to help. Could you please message us at feedback [at] cointracker.io?

I have the same problem and need the 2020 tax year. I purchased 4 days ago and still have not received a reply to me even though I sent a feedback *several times) at cointracker.io for 4, now going on 5 days. I don’t need a refund, just the 2020 tax season to be active (not 2019). How much longer do I need to wait to have this situation remedied?

Thanks for your patience William — we’ll get back to you this week.

I have a similar issue where I purchased the premium plan and only needed the hobbyist plan. I have been emailing cointracker for the past week without any replies. I will otherwise delete my entire account and be requesting a full refund as this combined with the issues of proper fee deduction has made cointracker nearly more work than manual input and therefore will likely look to switch to a competitor.