Random Airdrop KICK - adjustment for missed swap on 7/1

Received random airdrop of KICK back in March 2020 (888,888 gotta love random “gifts”)
Not supported by Exodus wallet, not claimed as income. Honestly, whatever value was claimed was likely unsupported too.

Apparently, they swapped the original KICK for the new KICK on 7/1/21. On Coin Market Cap, original KICK is now KICK (old) and new KICK is just plain KICK. In Koinly, it appears that original KICK is KICK (old) and new KICK is KICK (new). Confused yet? It gets worse.

While this naming could be a problem in and of itself since history doesn’t just change itself, my specific issue is that my holdings did not make the quantity cut for automatic swapping from old to new. So, another abandoned asset in my life. And, of course, an error because I no longer hold any KICK whatsoever and Koinly points this out in a roundabout way by signifying an error in quantity (thanks!)

Anyway, since I hate leaving any error indicators unresolved, I set the cost of the original transaction to zero for the asset in Koinly that is now KICK (old) and uploaded an adjustment CSV dated 7/1 to wipe out the quantity (at zero cost). I just want to adjust this non-sense away. However, Koinly still thinks that I have a problem because I can’t add a transaction to complete the adjustment (isn’t double entry great?) It fails because I cannot figure out what asset id to use. Should it be KICK [new], KICK [NEW], KICK (new), KICK (NEW), KICK.

The pitfalls of auto-sync are clear and this is an example of the headaches for developers. A programmer and database specialist need to figure out how to proceed. This is a subset of abandoned assets. Welcome to the Wild West, God Help Us all.