Re-compute takes longer and longer

Have you guys thought about optimizations on the re-compute process? If you store some information, you should only have to recompute since the last transactions added on only the coins affected. These can be fun problems to solve.

I’ve just created new accounts for family members and I notice that the recompute phase is super fast when years of transactions (what I have) are not present. Given how this recompute phase gets multiplied by all the users adding multiple transactions bit by bit, the time savings will be enormous. And it affects both your costs and user experience. Sometimes I need to add transactions, confirm the effect on totals, and then add more. This take a lot of time and has more than once made me consider looking at other platforms. I’m probably not the only one. And this will get worse as I get more into cryptos and continue to use your service for years to come. I’m sure the advent of DeFi, spewing transactions into your system is significant.

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Hi @cacortes,

It’s a great point — certainly something that we are going to work on improving soon! Also, we’re hiring if you are interested in helping us out :slight_smile: