Recurring crypto purchase in

I setup weekly recurring purchase of ETH and BTC in Binance.US (DCA) from USD balance.
CoinTracker sees the updated BTC/ETH wallet balances but does not capture the actual transactions weekly.
What can I do?


It’s truly impossible to get any CoinTracker support, I tried everything…


I have the same issue. Some cash purchases are shown but not some. ACH bank transfers don’t show up or something.

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I have the Same issue. Binance.US recurring purchases arent coming through

Any updates from support for this issue? We are coming close to the tax filing deadline and cant believe there is not support for this feature even after has supported recurring buy for over a year.

How can we get @cointracker attention? Absolute lacklustre product and support so far… There are many more services that offer much better support, but I am stuck here because of so many years worth of transactions are setup on CT and I dont want to redo them all on a new platform.

Nice Post! Thanks for Sharing

Same problem with Non US Binance as well