Refund Please

I bought the wrong tax year - please refund - still within 30 day window

Happy to do that. If you haven’t already, could you please contact us with this request?

I was told - you applied it to 2020, but when I look at the tax section it does not appear - I would like the credit applied to 2020 please (no need for a refund).

You are too busy…getting mixed up

Take care

Thanks for clarifying Michael (and sorry for the mixup — things are starting to blur together a bit from trying to keep up with all the support :sweat_smile:). Do you mind just updating your request you sent over (if you haven’t already)? We’ll be sure to fix to what you need.

Just to be clear - apply the amount I paid to my 2020 tax plan rather than 2019

Thank you


Hi – I still have a problem.

The Tax center shows I have over 200 transactions, so wants me to upgrade, but the plan page shows I have unlimited.

So I can’t get my report yet….

Very frustrating


Thanks for your patience Michael — we’ll get this resolved for you this week