Request: Allow deleting transactions

I have made many edits that have fixed transactions, that resulted in the original being marked ignored, and a new entry created. Typically this happens when I’ve edited something to make sure that both sides of the transactions were visible, instead of just one. But I cannot remove the ignored old entry.

This comes into issue with the bulk ignore function, as you cannot bulk ignore if any of the transactions selected are already ignored. It also means that when I enable ignored transactions again, the original bad transactions will be re-enabled.

There needs to be a way to remove a transaction entirely, especially when it’s been replaced with a manual transaction.

Hi @sforman52,

We want to ensure that users have a way of reverting changes back to the original in case they make edits (e.g. bulk ignore) and then realize they made a mistake. This is why transactions that are synced are “ignored” rather than deleted.

We do hear your issue though and will work on making it simpler to filter to NOT ignored transactions so you can ignore them all at once.