REQUEST: Coin Wallet Location & Amounts

Just want to check…is there a different place I should put feature requests?

Assume CT shows I have 56.875 ETH, I’ve multiple wallets, exchanges etc etc.

I don’t know exactly where all my ETH is without checking every wallet.
Maybe because…

  1. I want to sense check CT, make sure I’ve done my imports/API’s correct and want to spot check my real-life balance with what CT has on record.
  2. Markets move suddenly, CT notifies me, I’ve not been in my wallets for a while, I just want to know exactly where to go to move 20 ETH (IE find the best located ETH I can sell quickly).

When you click on a coin in the portfolio, and you get that lovely chart that shows the clearest key pieces of info, i’d love a button that will then expand the coin to show the wallets that are currently holding my coin and their balances.


Hi @LeadGr8,

Thanks for the request! You can see it tracked here ( is best place to add feature requests).