Request to allow per-exchange price

Hello there,

I’ve noticed that you’re using an average price. For many assets that doesn’t matter, but I’ve got PAXG holdings that really show up the problem of outlier markets. The price for PAXGUSD is listed on Cointracker as $1,790.49. On TradingView, three markets are available at $1,731, $1,730 and $1,803. Paxos’ own spot price is $1,737. Since PAXG is pegged to the gold price, the outlier is plainly on a different planet to the rest of us earthlings (the market price for gold is closer to 1720 than 1800 right now).

Can we either switch off the outlier (HitBTC in this case) or choose our own exchange for some coins, please?

Hi @robr,

You can always edit the basis of a receive transaction using the dropdown next to the transaction > “Edit cost basis”. We are also working on extending this to sends and trades.

Separately, we also plan to move to per exchange pricing. Which wallet/exchange are you holding these on?

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Hi @Chandan and thanks. The PAXG are currently parked with Paxos, which I record as a manual wallet. They’ll be shipping off to more useful pastures soon.

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I’m sure you have my best interest at heart, but I have no clue what you are talking about.

Hi @Elaine,

Sorry that we’re doing such a poor job explaining! We are going to work on adding automatic per-exchange pricing. In the meantime, if you need an immediate solution, you can edit the cost basis/price of any coin on any transaction. To do so, follow these steps to Edit Cost Basis or Edit Proceeds of a transaction.

If anything is unclear, please let us know