Review Purchase History - Hundreds Of Repeats Tx

Whilst cleaning through Tx, I saw CT show my USDT balance was insufficient…

So I clicked on “Review Purchase History”
And I have line after line of the same Tx?

It goes on for pages and pages

But yet in the main Tx page, I only see it listed once?
is this just a viewing bug or do I really have hundreds of copy transactions?


Hi @LeadGr8,

Could you please remove the Binance Exchange and re-add it to your CoinTracker account?

Hmmm, ok, but if I do that, will that undo all of the entries I have manually made changes to whilst tidying up? Or is there a way CT remembers?

I cant see all these dupe Tx when i view the list of alll Tx. I only see them when I click “review purchase history”.

Manual entries will need to be re-done, but there should be very few manual edits to still be made after this cleanup is automated.

I feel I have dont quite a lot of manual edits to be fair, cant say they are all binance related though.
Is there a string I can query the Tx page to show only manual entries @Chandan so I can at least screen shot them before removing binance API? thanks

Here’s how to see manual transactions only.

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