Reviewing transactions

Hi there!
I’m starting to get in the process of reviewing my transactions, and would appreciate a bit of help.

For example, I have this following transaction that I need to review listed on Cointracker (along with several other transactions listed on Jan 17th) :

But when I go on my Argent Wallet account, the only transaction I see from Jan. 17th is a “DAPP Interaction”, with not more infos. And if I open this DAPP interaction on Etherscan,I only see that I borrowed 300 TUSD from the AAVE Lending Pool Core, for a transaction fee of 145.14$. So nothing to do withe aETH as shown on Cointracker, and the numbers don’t match either.

Kind of confused here. Does someone have any clue about how I can review this properly ?

Many thanks for your help!