Robinhood CSV

Hello, I am new to CoinTracker and I have been able to successfully import my Coinbase and uphold accounts. However, I cannot import my Robinhood account. The site explains how to get the CSV file from Robinhood. Unfortunately, Robinhood is no longer providing this files and instead allow you to download a pdf version. Obviously I am unable to import the pdf files. Any suggestions on how I can add my Robinhood account?


Add this to the list of issues Iā€™m having of importing my stuff. I dont have access to download my history as well but found 3rd party tools to do so. However there is no info on the format of the CSV file for me to import it.

my robinhood offered a pdf and csv file for download. unfortuntely, the csv file doesnt upload onto coin tracker

I have the same issue. Any ETA on solution?