Running into a payment issue when purchasing "Hobbyist" plan

Hi, I linked all my wallets to the cointracker account and made the payment for the “Hobbyist” plan but nothing gets enabled on my account and there is error when making the payment.

When I tried to purchase again it says “There is a pending payment, please wait for some time or contact support” Checked my credit card and it hasn’t been charged.

Please help! Thank you.

Hi there,

Please could you contact us via Intercom (the blue chat bubble on the bottom right corner) on
Please log into your account and then hit that button so we can see what’s up with the payment.

Umm. I don’t have this Intercom button on any of my webpages. Am I missing something?

The only page where I see a button (says “Chat with us” ) is on Taxes > Tax Preview and this button doesn’t work.

Unfortunately the chat icon is sometimes blocked by certain browser extensions / Ad Blockers. You can also email us at feedback [at]