SCRT showing incorrect price on Wallet and Performance pages

I’ve already opened a Support ticket and am waiting on their reply- anyone else who has SCRT- are you seeing similar?

On the Wallet Page:


On the Performance Page:


And the correct price from the Watchlist Page:


Support asked me to resync a few times- it’s made no difference and isn’t updating.

Hoping this isn’t a just me thing…

Still waiting for a fix- Support has stopped responding. Can I get an update please?

3rd Request- Still seeing the same error on both the Wallets page and the Performance page. This is after running the requested Sync All command. Please tell me if there is anything else you need from me, or please fix if there is nothing else I can do.

To close the loop- Support finally replied back. There is a bug- details are here.

It takes 2 things to almost fix this. manually edit each transaction

Selecting SCRT again in the transaction will select the proper coin in the transaction itself. The 2nd part is that you have to remove SCRT from the Kraken Wallet for now as that is the source of the problem at this time. To do this- blank out the wallet field on the transaction that says Kraken Wallet.

SCRT will then show almost correctly. You’ll have a ghost SCRT on the Performance page that I assume will go away once they fix things.

Support said the cause is It appears that you may have purchased Secret (SCRT) but it is mapping incorrectly as SecretCoin (SCRT), which has a much lower value. The cost basis data is pulled from the value of the crypto or fiat used to purchase a coin, which is why it shows correctly on the performance page. However, the holdings and price are based on the pricing data via the API which is mapping to the wrong coin.

Whenever possible, CoinTracker automatically maps transactions from your wallets and exchanges to their corresponding coin symbols. Sometimes, however, no coin is recognized (e.g. not a supported coin), a symbol is overloaded (e.g. two or more coins with the same symbol), or another coin mapping issue occurs.

Hope this helps others.