See current tax lots

Is there a way to see my current holdings broken down by date acquired and cost basis price? I want to see all my specific tax lots and not have them aggregated all by currency.


I asked a similar question recently and was told it was not possible, even in the $99 a month plan I subscribe to.

It seems to be a pretty basic thing to me. It doesn’t make much sense to sell all of a currency just to “harvest” a loss. You should be able to sell only the ones that are at a loss. It would be advantageous to keep those purchases that are at a profit, and this maximize the losses, but to do that you have to be able to see all of your purchase lots with the date acquired.

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This would be a great feature to plan for long Vs short term gains/losses

A crypto tax expert that I met with advised against using cointracker bc this feature is not available thus you must have divine faith in cointrackers math without seeing it. Unfortunately I already have too much data manually entered to stop using cointracker.