Send transaction tagged as a "Gain"

I noticed that all my recent “send” transactions that are part of the new Gemini Earn program were tagged as gains.

However, the coin hasn’t been sold, simply transferred to another address as part of the program. This much is noted as the credit column says “Sent to address Genesis Outbound Account”.

Is your platform not configured properly for the Gemini Earn program?

My understanding is that I’m receiving interest on the crypto I’m loaning (sent to Genesis) and when the interest is formerly deposited then I will incur a gain in the sense of interest income.

I was going to add a screen shot but I don’t see that option :frowning:

Please examine this issue and report back. Thank you.

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Hi @spardo,

Thanks for flagging. We’re tracking support for Gemini Earn here.

In the interim, if you need an immediate solution, you can still mark the deposit/withdrawals to/from Gemini Earn as transfer and the rewards as staking reward using the dropdown next to the transactions on the transactions page.

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