September 2020 Product Highlights

Hey CoinTrackers,

This month saw a leveling of bitcoin’s price, now hovering just under $11K. DeFi continued to grow rapidly with many new DeFi tokens listed on centralized exchanges and Uniswap crossing $2B in locked value. Here’s how we’ve been updating CoinTracker to better serve you:

Total performance by cryptocurrency

In an ongoing effort to make portfolio tracking more powerful, we’ve added the ability to see all time return (absolute and percentage) by cryptocurrency. Portfolio subscribers can see these metrics on the “Your assets” table on the performance page.

Toggle net deposits & cost basis in charts

Performance charts now allow toggling of net deposits (total return) and cost basis (unrealized return) to rescale the plot. You can toggle between plotting and not plotting by clicking “Net Deposits” or “Cost Basis” in the chart legend.

More precision of prices

On CoinTracker web, you’ll now see additional precision of pricing. For example, coins with low prices will show extra decimal places instead of just $0.00.

Other improvements

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The CoinTracker Team

P.S. We’re hiring!