Session on How to Use the Software

Hi -

I am an active crypto trader and I have chosen to use CoinTracker as my crypto trade log and to prepare tax form. I like to log in 1x per week to review my transactions and fix any trades where CoinTracker needs help.

My problem is that I often do not know how to fix my trades because I do not understand the CoinTracker software. I need help, here are some suggestions:

  1. host a webinar and show us how to use the software and answer Q&A
  2. create a support staff that can answer calls and help people who are stuck
  3. make members of the community available for hire to teach people how to use the software

I have tried using the chat function in the past but it has not worked well.

Please give me some guidance on how I can talk to someone to learn how the software works.

Thank you,


Hi @JJ,

These are great ideas and sorry that the software wasn’t easy enough to use off the bat. What types of issues are you running into?

Also have you seen the CoinTracker YouTube channel?

Hi Chandan,

They are UX issues and they are subtle things that are very hard to describe in written communication, which is why I want to talk to someone.

Is it possible to talk to you or to someone on your team or can I hire someone or can you hold a webinar where I can ask questions?

I would like to share my screen and talk through what to do with someone who can describe how the software works. Once I learn the system, then I will be happily on my way.

Thank you,


Point taken, I’ll host a CoinTracker office hours at 10:15 AM PT – 11:00 AM PT on Friday, August 21. You can join via Google Meet: If you have any questions ahead of time, please let us know.

ok - thank you! I look forward to it and will be ready with my list of questions.

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