Shakepay CSV Importer Not Working

Hi CoinTracker team!

Just recently found out about CoinTracker, and it looks great. I’ve been having trouble importing the CSV file that I downloaded from Shakepay to CoinTracker (see attached image below), and I was wondering if there was any way this can be resolved. I tried the interactive CSV uploader, but it just got more confusing from there. Thanks in advance!


Hi @godwinhschan,

Welcome to the community! Do you mind emailing your CSV to feedback [at] so that we can take a look at it?

Also, what are you using for the dark mode? Looks cool!

Done! And I use the Dark Reader Chrome extension for my dark mode browsing - super useful and saves my eyes:

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The upload is working for me but it doesn’t show all the transactions from the CSV.

Hi @reesereth,

Could you please send us the Shakepay CSV so that we can take a look?

Hi, I actually reached out through email on this. Didn’t know how how active the support forums were.

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