Should Celsius/CoinbasePro be this troublesome?

Initially – just for a day or so – my celsius and coinbase transfers seemed to sync up. A transfer between the two would look like just one “transfer”.

All of a sudden I saw my portfolio stats completely out of whack. I was finding a bunch of places where the transfers were showing as independent Sends and Receives and it was very difficult to get them reconciled. Sometimes there would be a “partially matched” transaction where it would show two overlapping entries and I’d have to enable/disable one or the other to get a fully manual transaction to work.

Is this expected? This is very difficult to keep up. A screenshot after I messed with it (probably too much):

Are you still seeing this even after the yellow cost basis recomputation banner is gone? Transfer matching is in progress while that banner is at the top of the page.

If you undo your manual edits, the banner goes away, and you still see mismatched transfers, please contact us.

I thought I waited for that bar to disappear, but am not 100% certain. I’m making two small transfers of LTC and USDC back and forth today to see if it happens again.

Is there a quick way to un-delete entries and remove all manual edits? Or would I be better off re-importing the wallets/exchanges from scratch?


If you have a small number, I would just do it manually, one-by-one. If you have a lot, you can remove the wallets / exchanges and re-add them.

The new transfers today were correlated correctly. I’m going to remove my manual transactions and un-ignore the remaining ones and see how the reconciliation works out.

Good news. Not sure if it was a bug or not, but everything so far seems to have reconciled ok on it’s own. Will be keeping an eye on it but much happier now!

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