Should net proceeds count towards Net Deposits?

When only one side of a trade is recorded via Binance API in Cointracker, I will manually add the missing part of the trade. In this specific case the sale has been imported but not the purchase.

Cointracker definition: Net Deposits (aka reinvestment-adjusted deposits): total deposits minus reinvested fiat

My understanding is that Net Deposits (at top of portfolio performance page) should only consist of cash deposits to exchanges / accounts, minus reinvested fiat, is this correct? If so, why would using proceeds from a previous sale to purchase a new coin, also increase the Net Deposits? And shouldn’t it decrease net deposits by amount of reinvested fiat?

Example: $1000 from binance usd wallet (proceeds from previous bitcoin sale) used to purchase cardano. After adding this manual entry, the Net Deposit balance at top of portfolio page is increased by $1000.

Is this normal behavior? Thanks in advance.